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Statistical data and secrets of success in blackjack

In this article we have prepared for you some useful information about blackjack and especially online blackjack. If you are a beginner you want to know what your chances of winning are and if it is possible in general. So, in the article we quote statistical data on winning percentages and frequencies. You can also learn useful tips on how to play online blackjack for real money successfully.

The ratio of wins to losses

Let’s assume that 9% of the games end in a tie. So we have 41% of hands when the player wins and 50% when he loses. As you can see, the casino https://pokiesurf-casino.online/ has to win more often. But how do you play blackjack and win? Can the casino’s advantage be reduced? The fact is that if you lose, you lose a bet. But if you win you get one and a half or even two. This is why the number of wins is sometimes greater than the number of losses.

Some important figures

If you are an experienced player you may have heard of the fact that the frequency of wins is so high. The win rate for blackjack is 1:21, which is quite symbolic (the other name for blackjack is exactly “21”). If you have chosen an optimal strategy you should only have more than 21 points in one of six hands. As for the dealer, he goes over 21 more often – 2 times in 7 games. But this is not always the case, so don’t expect that if the dealer hasn’t gone over 21 in 5 games, he will in the next hand.

How do you become a winner in blackjack?

It is obvious that if you play blackjack, you want to win. Sometimes you visit an online casino to relax without thinking too much about winning. Your goal is to entertain yourself, but why not win a little more. You already know that there are many strategies that should help you win at online blackjack. But their effectiveness is not yet proven.

So, we would like to help you anyway. That’s why we have analyzed most of the cases of winning at this game as well as interviews with winners and professional players. Based on this information and statistical data, we have prepared some small tips that can help you or even save you in case of a loss. These are :

  • don’t rely too much on luck. No matter how lucky you are, fortune can turn its back on you at any time.
  • Be prepared to lose. You should not despair having lost. Don’t quit the game right away. However, if this is your fifth loss already, it is better to leave the game.
  • Don’t trust the strategies. They may help you a little, but don’t assume that you will win by following them.
  • learn the rules. If you’ve watched a movie about blackjack, you don’t know the rules and principles yet. It is important to learn them well to avoid making mistakes.

Choose the version and model that is convenient for you. You know that there are several versions of blackjack such as Spanish, classic and others. All of them have small differences in the rules and you have to learn them and use them correctly. The same goes for the models of the different developers.

Many players also advise you to practice by playing for free. It is clear that theory is not enough and this mode allows you to learn the rules in a practical way. So you already know what chances you have and what tips to follow to win. There are many cases of winning online and you can become one of the lucky ones.

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